Commercial Plumbing

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Competitive to Specialty

Whether you need the manpower to get a project back on schedule or a contractor that you can depend on without having to manage every aspect of their operation, Grabill Plumbing Heating and Cooling has the reputation of making the general contractor’s responsibilities simpler and easier.

We can perform design-build plumbing construction, cut through red tape with municipalities or government contracts, and respond quickly to changes and scheduling constraints. We know the industry and how to get things done. If you need value engineering options or systems and/or products that other companies do not want to work with, we can meet the challenge. Let us earn your business and your respect. If you are a general contractor, get to know the Grabill difference.

Commercial Plumbing

We work with engineering firms to produce drawings and to design projects to meet your budget.

We can be very competitive on projects that are specified and require efficiency and economy.

We have a great team of technicians who are knowledgeable with different types of fixtures and products to provide ongoing maintenance services for your building.

Many companies choose to use us on a “time and material” basis to get projects moving when the scope may be difficult to define and to avoid pricing the worst-case scenario or excessive change orders.

We can turn around a white-space project or tenant upfit quickly for customers who need to get up and running rapidly.

We perform new construction and renovation plumbing on multi-family projects, especially if they are wood frame structures that may not fit other commercial contractors or jobs that may not be generating much interest.

We often are your best option for condominium projects that have customized or differing floorplans.

We have done work with a number of these types of projects, and we offer knowledge and expertise which supports ADA requirements and regulations.

We can meet hospital standards for construction and can apply them to free-standing medical office buildings as well.

We have experience with the specific types of systems required, such as ice-melt systems and sand/oil interceptors, which may be unique to these projects.

We can cut the red tape when it comes to military projects and to meet their standards and specifications.

We can often do restoration in existing buildings without downtime because we know how to isolate and construct around the existing tenants and structural challenges.

Plumbing Systems

We know how to work with historical buildings to provide plumbing fixtures and systems that complement or reuse vintage products.

We provide site layout and coordination to get the necessary drainage system in place around the current structural conditions and make sure that it is adequately vented.

We use some of the best plastic distribution products for domestic water. We can also accommodate complete copper tubing systems.

The ProPress products and piping materials we use can be applied to compressed air systems especially for car dealerships or automotive projects.

We install new water and sewer service to buildings as well as perform repairs and replacement. We also provide boring and fusion of HDPE piping for underground applications.

We provide many options for heating water including tankless water heaters, stainless steel products, boilers, and high-efficiency units, such as Polaris or hybrid heat pumps.

One of the most luxurious additions to your bathroom suite is to have comfort floor warming. We also install radiant heat systems for driveway snow melt or general heating purposes.

We offer a variety of sump pump and sewage ejection systems with diagnostic and status reporting. These services can include alternators, duplex systems, backup systems and Wi-Fi notifications. We also install recirculating hot water systems and booster pumps for increasing the pressure throughout your home.

The way you interact with water can be improved by a water conditioning system. We offer water softeners, reverse osmosis systems, ionization systems, UV and saltless water systems.

Piping methods (certified)

Roll grooved, soldered, brazed, T-drilled, compression, flared

Cold expantion, pressed

Solvent welded

Butt fusion, electrofusion, socket fusion, compression

Roll groved, threaded, pressed

Roll grooved, MegaPress, threaded

Solvent welded, gasketed

No-Hub coupled, gasketed

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