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Professional Plumbing Contractors in Shawnee, Kansas

We provide all aspects of plumbing installation and service in Shawnee, KS and the Johnson County area. From custom showers to water heaters, sump pumps and disposals to water filtration, to “smart” Wi-Fi enabled products and leak prevention devices. We commit to provide you with the best plumbing products and great value at every level of what we do. Our Shawnee plumbers and plumbing contractors have superior experience, knowledge, and training that we put to work for our clients every day. We offer plumber services in Shawnee, Lenexa, Overland Park, Prairie Village, KCK, Bonner Springs, Leawood, Olathe, KS and the entire Kansas City metro area!

Residential Plumbing

We install all brands and types of domestic and European plumbing fixtures including wall mount faucets and freestanding tub faucets. We install touchless faucets, intelligent toilets, and electronic showering systems.

We offer a full line of maintenance repair services to keep your plumbing and HVAC systems operating at an optimal level.

In new construction projects we provide everything necessary, both inside and outside, for quality, long-lasting, high-performance mechanical systems.

On remodel projects we find ways to add service into areas that did not previously have plumbing. We also find ways to use the existing system for new applications.

In older homes or historic projects, we know how to re-purpose or reuse vintage products and restore ageless products that might otherwise be lost.

We have state-of-the-art camera and location devices that will tell you everything you do (and don’t) want to know about the concealed pipes.

We know how to address issues with pipes that are failing underground or embedded under structures in a way that is much less invasive or damaging to existing finishes.

We have maintenance agreements for plumbing, HVAC, filter replacement and winterization of outdoor kitchens and pool houses.

Plumbing Systems

We know how to work with historical buildings to provide plumbing fixtures and systems that complement or reuse vintage products.

We provide site layout and coordination to get the necessary drainage system in place around the current structural conditions and make sure that it is adequately vented.

We use some of the best plastic distribution products for domestic water. We can also accommodate complete copper tubing systems.

The ProPress products and piping materials we use can be applied to compressed air systems especially for car dealerships or automotive projects.

We install new water and sewer service to buildings as well as perform repairs and replacement. We also provide boring and fusion of HDPE piping for underground applications.

We provide many options for heating water including tankless water heaters, stainless steel products, boilers, and high-efficiency units, such as Polaris or hybrid heat pumps.

One of the most luxurious additions to your bathroom suite is to have comfort floor warming. We also install radiant heat systems for driveway snow melt or general heating purposes.

We offer a variety of sump pump and sewage ejection systems with diagnostic and status reporting. These services can include alternators, duplex systems, backup systems and Wi-Fi notifications. We also install recirculating hot water systems and booster pumps for increasing the pressure throughout your home.

The way you interact with water can be improved by a water conditioning system. We offer water softeners, reverse osmosis systems, ionization systems, UV and saltless water systems.

Piping methods (certified)

Roll grooved, soldered, brazed, T-drilled, compression, flared

Cold expantion, pressed

Solvent welded

Butt fusion, electrofusion, socket fusion, compression

Roll groved, threaded, pressed

Roll grooved, MegaPress, threaded

Solvent welded, gasketed

No-Hub coupled, gasketed

Need a helping hand? No Shawnee plumbing repair or installation project or problem is too big or small.

About Our Shawnee Plumbers at Grabill Plumbing

Our mission is simply to fulfill our local customers’ desires through the comfort and convenience of great plumbing repair and installation services. Whether it is washing away stress in your spa steam shower and a soothing soak in your deep, endless hot-water bath, basking in the warmth of your radiant-heated floor, common home plumbing repair issues, or going through your daily routine with touchless intelligent fixtures, Grabill Plumbing brings these luxuries to your own private place of renewal for you to experience and enjoy during that coveted personal time alone.

Since our beginnings in 1986, our goal has been to be the best mechanical plumbing installers and repair service providers offering the best products, processes, and expertise in our industry to meet all your plumbing needs in Shawnee, Kansas. Grabill Plumbing  is a third generation family business that grew from traditions of quality, hard work and integrity. Our team of plumbers in Shawnee, KS, is made up of individuals with high character, who take pride in their work, and who thrive on meeting our customers’ expectations. Contact our plumbing contractors today!